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Some cool stuff.

Well, here's a few things for beauty stuff.Jessica told me about this cool little product and I bought a few bottles of it, but can't find them anywhere I think I left them at my x's house.But, it's worth me going out and buying some more of the stuff because it's awesome and works very good with acne.And I know alot about that... I have acne constantly. PHisoderm

Next, I use this stuff alot.It's called biosilk.And I've only used the hair spray for straightening out my bangs and stuff.But, I hear really good stuff about this product, it's not the cheapest in the world, but it does wonders on those beautiful locks of hair. BioSilk

Not to mention Herbal Essences is an awesome product as well, I myself favorize the body wash of theirs.It leaves your body clean and refreshed and not to mention smelling like you just walked out of a fruit field.
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